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Inmovilizar paneles y dividir paneles en Excel

Se permite agregar respuestas a los comentarios. Se simplificaron los pasos para insertar varias filas en una tabla 2. Optimizaciones para detalles de tablas 1. Se puede borrar la tinta con un solo clic. Fix some minor bugs. Corregir algunos errores.

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Escribir libremente! Conveniente para poner notas en las fotos. Si tiene alguna buenas ideas sobre este asunto, enviarlos a IOS office kingsoft. File Manipulation. Learn more. Learn more Launch your browser. Log in. If you are not already logged in, Google Drive will ask you to sign in with your Google account information. If your account name is already indicated on the page, just enter your password; otherwise, type in your username and password on the fields provided.

Open a spreadsheet file. You can either open an existing file or create a new one. The spreadsheet file will open on a new tab of your browser. If you have an existing spreadsheet file, locate and click on the file name in the file list at the middle of the screen. Access the View menu. Point your mouse over the option you want. If Power BI accidentally imports the table headers as a row in your data table, you can select Use First Row As Headers from the Home tab, or from the Transform tab in the ribbon, to fix your table.

This is a good time to point out that the sequence of applied steps in Query Editor is important, and can affect how the data is shaped.

When you resize the Query Editor window to make the width smaller, some ribbon items are condensed to make the best use of visible space. When you increase the width of the Query Editor window, the ribbon items expand to make the most use of the increased ribbon area. To rename the table, just type the name into the Name box in the Query Settings pane. Vamos a llamar a esta tabla StateCodes.

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Ya que hemos dado forma a la tabla StateCodes como queremos, vamos a combinar las dos tablas, o consultas, en una; como las tablas que ahora tenemos son el resultado de las consultas aplicadas a los datos, a menudo se les denomina consultas. There are two primary ways of combining queries — merging and appending.

xoxonume.tkColumns property (Access) | Microsoft Docs

Cuando se tienen una o varias columnas para agregar a otra consulta, se fusionan las consultas. Cuando se tienen filas de datos adicionales que desea agregar a una consulta existente, se anexa la consulta. En este caso queremos combinar las consultas. In this case, we want to merge queries. Para empezar, en el panel izquierdo del Editor de consultas, seleccionamos la consulta con la que queremos combinar la otra consulta, que en este caso es RetirementStats.

To get started, from the left pane of Query Editor we select the query into which we want the other query to merge, which in this case is RetirementStats. You may be prompted to set the privacy levels, to ensure the data is combined without including or transferring data you didn't want transferred.

A NewColumn is created at the end of the query, which is the contents of the table query that was merged with the existing query. Todas las columnas de la consulta combinada se comprimen en la Nueva columna , pero puede seleccionar Expandir la tabla e incluir cualquier columna que desee. All columns from the merged query are condensed into the NewColumn , but you can select to Expand the table, and include whichever columns you want. To Expand the merged table, and select which columns to include, select the expand icon. The Expand window appears.

In this case, we only want the State Code column, so we select only that column and then select OK.

Form.FrozenColumns property (Access)

State Code the original column name, or NewColumn , then a dot, then the name of the column being brought into the query. Want to play around with how to bring in that NewColumn table? We now have a single query table that combined two data sources, each of which has been shaped to meet our needs.

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This query can serve as a basis for lots of additional, interesting data connections — such as housing cost statistics, demographics, or job opportunities in any state. The transformed dataset appears in Power BI Desktop, ready to be used for creating reports. Se puede hacer todo tipo de cosas con Power BI Desktop. There are all sorts of things you can do with Power BI Desktop. For more information on its capabilities, check out the following resources: Salir del modo de enfoque. Ajustar las clasificaciones quitando una columna: Adjust the rankings by removing a column - we have decided Cost of living is a non-factor in our results.

After removing this column, we find the issue that the data remains unchanged, though it's easy to fix using Power BI Desktop, and doing so demonstrates a cool feature of Applied Steps in Query. Corregir algunos errores: Fix a few errors — since we removed a column, we need to readjust our calculations in the New Rank column. This involves changing a formula. Ordenar los datos: Sort the data - based on the New Rank and Rank columns.

Reemplazar datos: Replace data - we will highlight how to replace a specific value and the need of inserting an Applied Step. Cambiar el nombre de la tabla: Change the table name — that Table 0 is not a useful descriptor, but changing it is simple. Elija el tipo que desea proporcionar: Comentarios sobre el contenido.